August 23, 2007 7:30 pm

                  Kendall Town Hall1873 Kendall Road, Kendall, New York 14476


PUBLIC PRESENT: Joyce Henry, Allen Lofthouse, Bev Lofthouse, Ken DeRoller



Supervisor Vick recalled the meeting recessed on August 16, 2007 to order at 7:30 pm.




                Councilman Gaesser            present                  

                Councilman Pritchard          present

                Councilman Schuth             present

                Councilman Scroger            present

                Supervisor Vick                    present






Supervisor Vick explained the budget transfer addressed in Resolution 102-807.


Councilman Gaesser moved that the following be adopted:


RESOLUTION 102-807 AUTHORIZING TRANSFERS IN SPECIAL WATER DISTRICT #5                                                       BUDGET ACCOUNTS

Whereas it is necessary to adjust the expenditures budgets for principal and interest payments for Special Water District #5 to provide for actual requirements for the 2007 debt service payments, now therefore,

It is hereby resolved to authorize the following budget transfer:
                Transfer the sum of $9000.00 from Account SW5-9710.73 Interest to Account SW5-9710.63 Principal to provide required payment of principal on or before September 1, 2007.

It is hereby noted that this transfer does not increase or reduce the budget for 2007 and provides for sufficient remaining funds in SW5-97 10.73 to meet required interest payments for the year 2007.


Such motion was seconded by Councilman Pritchard.  Supervisor Vick called for a vote, which was done with the following results:

                Councilman Gaesser               aye                      

                Councilman Pritchard             aye

                Councilman Schuth                aye

                Councilman Scroger               aye

                Supervisor Vick                       aye

Supervisor Vick declared that the resolution was duly adopted.





After discussion of the code enforcement court order regarding Mr. Lempke’s property at 1750 Kendall Road during unfinished business, Councilman Pritchard moved that the following resolution be adopted:




                Be it hereby resolved, to authorize Supervisor Vick to place the advertisements of  Court Order to Show Cause Notice, ordered and signed by Orleans County Hon. James P. Punch, relative to the clean-up of the Lempke property at 1750 Kendall Road, Kendall.


The motion was seconded by Councilman Gaesser. Supervisor Vick called for a roll call vote, which was done with the following results:

                Councilman Gaesser               aye                      

                Councilman Pritchard             aye

                Councilman Schuth                aye

                Councilman Scroger               aye

                Supervisor Vick                       aye

Supervisor Vick declared that the resolution was duly adopted.





Dissolution of Joint Hamlin-Kendall Water District – still no call for meeting by Chairman Rose; Town of Kendall’s questions are still unanswered; there may need to be a resolution in the future expressing concern.

2007 Justice Court Assistance Program – there is a firm in Hilton which provides professional grant writing assistance; Supervisor Vick will meet with that firm this week to ask questions.

Disposition of Replica Cannon -  has been advertised, request for bids is out

Cemetery Trust – Still awaiting the order from the County Judge

1846 Kendall Road – no assistance has been forthcoming from our County Legislature; letters could be sent to each Legislator, as well as the Legislature, expressing Kendall’s willingness to bear the expenses involved in the deed correction process, and ask for their cooperation.

Court Order Code Enforcement – Advertising – copy of Show Cause Order has been provided by Attorney Sansone and was read by Supervisor Vick. The ad containing this order would need to run weekly, four times, in at least two newspapers. Advertising costs will be approximately $600; legal fees will also be $600. The Town may or may not recover this cost

Stolen Sign Beechwood Cemetery – reward has not yet been posted

Succession Planning – Assessor Ken DeRoller provided an overview of examples of how various towns handle assessor protocols and models. Supervisor Vick asked Mr. DeRoller for a recommendation as to succession. Mr. DeRoller responded that there are three different paths that could be taken.  Mr. DeRoller said that New York State is putting incentives out to push for County-run consolidation. Supervisor Vick replied that County-wide consolidation is not positive…if local control is lost, there may also be a loss of convenience and service, accountability, and loss of personal knowledge of people and their property. Municipal home-rule is vital.    Supervisor Vick stated he would like to see a sole assessor, receiving certification, to act as back-up, and eventual successor. Councilmen Schuth, Scroger and Gaesser agreed. Councilman Pritchard said he would like to explore possible shared services with another town, between two assessors. Mr. DeRoller agreed that these options are feasible.  Mr. DeRoller answered questions on the subject of the STAR program, including eligibility, income verification rules, records retention information, and other exemptions.

Councilman Scroger expressed conviction that local control be maintained, but that between-town sharing of services should be explored.


With there being no further business, Councilman Pritchard moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Councilman Schuth. All votes in favor. Supervisor Vick declared the meeting adjourned at 9:34 pm.


Scheduled Meetings:
Regular Town Board Meeting: September 13, 2007 at 7:30 P.M.
Board Work Session: September 27, 2007 at 7:30 P.M


Respectfully Submitted,



Amy Richardson

Kendall Town Clerk