September 27, 2007 7:30 pm

             Kendall Town Hall1873 Kendall Road, Kendall, New York 14476


PUBLIC PRESENT: Joyce Henry,  Allen Lofthouse,  Bev Lofthouse,  Ken DeRoller, Barb Siebert, Rosemarie Smith, Gay Smith, Marianne Wilson, Vince Flow, Paul Balcerzak, Susan DeRoller, Lisa Stenshorn, Nadine Hanlon, Roger Klimek, Clark Lindsay, Barbara Flow, Jack Gillman, Nancy Walker



Supervisor Vick recalled the meeting recessed on September 13, 2007 to order at 7:30 pm.



        Councilman Gaesser            present                  

           Councilman Pritchard          present

           Councilman Schuth             present

           Councilman Scroger            present

           Supervisor Vick                    present



-      SW-6 – Supervisor Vick read the first paragraph of a letter announcing the Grant Approval for Water District                                     6, in the amount of $400,000, for the public water project which will bring water to forty residences.


-      There has been no interest in the open Dog Control position. It will need to be advertised again Enforcement                                     positions at this compensation are difficult to fill.


-      Maintenance -Town Hall – windows have been recaulked, repainting, rust removal, pressure washing, doors                                      and railings painted; on-going


-      2008 Tentative Budget – Department Head numbers are in, Fire Districts’ information is due by month-end,                                         State-aid has come in, above budgeted amount, and a snow-and-ice-removal payment came in of                                                        approximately $42,000, which helps to correct the situation with Highway Fund Balance.


-      Finalization of Audit – Had to be rewritten to conform to new NYS and Federal rules.




Joyce Henry – said the State has changed the deadline for Fire Departments to have their budgets in place to November 20th.


Vincent Flow – asked if the number of dog citations is available, as a help to finding a candidate for Dog Control Officer. Supervisor Vick responded that there are very few citations handed out. Responsibilities for the position would include canvassing the town for dog enumeration, and comparing license information.


Barb Siebert – spoke in support and appreciation of Assessor Ken DeRoller, and read aloud a recommendation from Real Property Services of Mr. DeRoller for an excellence of equity award, and offered public congratulations for that recommendation.


Clark Lindsay – asked for an update on the Eagle Creek Marina Project. Supervisor Vick indicated that litigation may be pending. The owner of the marina and the Town now are in a position of communicating through attorneys. Mr. Lindsay asked if there is an end in sight. Supervisor Vick responded that there is not enough information to comment, other than that the second extension ends December 31, 2007.  Mr. Lindsay commented that the residents of Kendall suffer from what he views as a tug-of-war.  Supervisor Vick agrees. There have been no new requests for additional drawdowns. Supervisor Vick suggested Mr. Lindsay come to his office for more detailed information.










Councilman Schuth moved that the following resolution be adopted:


RESOLUTION 108-907  RESOLUTION AMENDING CEMETERY POLICIES                                                                                AND PROCEDURES – MONUMENT SIZES


           It is hereby resolved to amend the Beechwood and Greenwood Cemeteries Policies, Procedures, Information, and Rules and Regulations to set maximum widths for grave markers and monuments as follows:


                           Single grave  Thirty (30) inches maximum width, including the base,                                                                      centered on the midpoint of the grave


                           Double grave –Sixty (60) inches maximum width, including the base,                                                                        centered on the adjoining boundary of the two graves to be marked


           Further, this resolution is to be issued to the Cemetery Advisory Committee for amendment of the policy and when the revision is complete, copies of this policy are to be distributed to the local monument companies and the cemetery custodians.


The motion was seconded by Councilman Gaesser. Supervisor Vick called for a vote, with the following results:

                           Councilman Gaesser            Aye

                           Councilman Pritchard          Aye

                           Councilman Schuth             Aye

                           Councilman Scroger            Aye

                           Supervisor Vick                    Aye


Supervisor Vick declared the motion carried.




Dissolution of Joint Hamlin-Kendall Water District – nothing new

2007 Justice Court Assistance Program – Engagement of Grants Writer – John Steinmetz may offer a          presentation, explaining what he does, and possibilities of obtaining grants for courtroom changes, and a      possible Town Hall addition

Cemetery Trust – Judge Punch has delayed all court proceedings

1846 Kendall Road – nothing new to report

Succession Planning – on the Board members’ desks, awaiting study

Court Order – Code Enforcement – no response from owner as of yet to advertisements

Stolen Sign – Beechwood Cemetery – no new information

Status of Replica Cannon – due to be picked up next week by new owner




Appointment of Assessor for term commencing October 1, 2007 and ending September 30, 2013.









Councilman Pritchard made the following motion:




It is hereby resolved to appoint Stephen A. Seaman of 16174 Carr Road, Assessor for the Town of Kendall, for a term commencing October 1, 2007 and ending September 30, 2013.


Such motion was seconded by Councilman Schuth. Supervisor Vick called for a roll call vote, with the following results:


           Councilman Gaesser            Aye       

           Councilman Pritchard          Aye

           Councilman Schuth             Aye

           Councilman Scroger            Aye

           Supervisor Vick                    Abstain


Supervisor Vick declared the motion passed. 



With there being no further business, Councilman Pritchard moved  for  adjournment, seconded by Councilman Scroger, all ayes; adjournment called at 8:02 pm.


Scheduled Meetings:


Regular Town Board Meeting: October 11, 2007 at 7:30 P.M.

Town Board Work Session: October 25, 2007 at 7:30 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,




Amy Richardson

Kendall Town Clerk