Email the Town Board members

Tony Cammarata
Town Supervisor
Phone: 585.659.8201

Amy Richardson
Town Clerk
Phone: 585.659.8721

Kim Corcoran
Deputy Town Clerk
Phone: 585.659.8721

Bruce Newell
Council Member
Phone: 585.659.4037

Barb Flow
Council Member
Phone: 585.659.8721 (Town Clerk’s Office)

Wayne M. Martin Jr.
Council Member
Phone: 321.294.8980

Margaret Lynn Szozda
Council Member
Phone: 585.659.8571

Paul Hennekey
Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 585.659.2341

Dan Strong
Deputy Building Inspector, Deputy Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 585.659.2341

Warren Kruger
Highway Supervisor
Phone: 585.659.2650
Fax: 585.659.8505

David Gaudioso
Town Justice

Debbie Drennan
Town Justice

Jessica Maier
Court Clerk
Phone: 585.659.8546

A. Gene Massey
Phone: 585.659.8545

Eden Rodas
Recreation Assistant & Website Editor
Phone: 585.659.8721

Andrew M. Kludt
Chairman, Planning Board
Phone: 585.659.6429

Patrick Bolton
Chairman, Zoning Board of Appeals
Phone: 585.659.8721

Michelle Werth
Recreation Director
Phone: 585.659.9184

Cindy Blosenhauer
Town Historian
Phone: 585.746.4298

Kathy Smith
Orleans County Animal Control Officer
Phone: 585.589.5528