Amy Richardson

Amy Richardson

Deputy Town Clerks:
Amy Richardson, Kim Corcoran, & Lydia Jayne Richardson

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
9:00 am to 12:00 pm; 12:45 pm to 3:30 pm
Monday Evenings
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Closed Wednesdays, weekends and Holidays
Appointments can be made during closed Office hours.

E-Mail the Kendall Town Clerk
Tel. (585) 659-8721 *1
fax (585) 659-8203

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More Information

Tax Collector
Registrar of Vital Records
Records Management Officer

Direct mail to the Town Clerk at:
P O Box 474, Kendall NY 14476-0474

Services available at the Town Clerk’s Office:

Copies – $0.15 / page
Color copies – $0.25/page
Faxing – $1.00 / page


Public Relations Officer

Must be dedicated to the community, informative, patient, cheerful and compassionate, possess the ability to listen and advise, be receptive to new ideas, and able to maintain a sense of humor while performing duties in a professional manner.
Generally considered to center of local government, this office conveys a lasting impression of the community to all who enter.

Recording Secretary

Authors minute books, the only official record of the activities of Town government.  The resulting volumes are retained permanently for legal an historic purposes.  Few individuals are entrusted with a responsibility of this magnitude.

Records Management Officer

Custodian of all Town records, responsible for active files, storage and disposition of inactive records and the careful maintenance of archival material.
Administrator of the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) which guarantees your right to know the workings of government.

Filing Officer

Maintains records of adopted Town Ordinances, and local law, Town Oaths of Office, resignations, petitions, proof of publications, annual budgets, assessment rolls, fiscal reports, notices of lien, subpoena and court actions, bonds/notes registers, zoning ordinances and maps.
Maintains public signboard, advertises and receives bids for purchase of Town materials, files burial permits from cemeteries located with the Town.

Licensing Officer

Issues State licenses/permits, including marriage, dog, conservation (hunting and fishing), games of chance, bingo, and handicap parking.
Issues Town licenses/permits mandated by Local Law.

Election Coordinator

In accordance with Federal and State regulations, the Town Clerk becomes the coordinator for Primary and General Elections, advising the State of vacancies for elections, overseeing polling places and equipment, election inspectors and filing of boundaries for election districts.
In addition the Town Clerk files official notices of registration day and polling places, oversees special Town elections, permissive or mandatory referendums and Town acquisition of property.  The office of the Town Clerk services as the source for voter registration forms and absentee ballot applications.

Cash Control Officer

Is responsible for numerous duties relating to billing, and the collection and disbursement of funds.  All incoming cash is recorded and disbursed to State, County and local fiscal officers.  The Town Clerk also contributes to Town and departmental budget preparation, management of petty cash, general purchasing, and assisting with State and internal audits.

Registrar of Vital Statistics

Often is appointed keeper of all birth and death records within a community, issuing birth and death certificates, burial permits, as well as conducting genealogical searches.
The New York State Town Clerks Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the professional development of Town Clerks across the State as administrative leaders.  Membership offers Town Clerks and their Deputies encouragement, specialized assistance and continuing education relative to professional and personal improvement

The Association’s comprehensive efforts in the cultivation of working relationships between the New York State Legislature and State administrative agencies are immeasurable in the promotion of rational and workable laws and regulations that are beneficial to Town Clerks and the municipalities in which they serve.

Continuing its commitment to professional public service, this information has been prepared solely for the use of the members of the New York State Town Clerks Association to better inform their constituents of the responsibilities of their elected Town Clerk.

Town Clerks of the Town of Kendall from 1837 to the Present

1837 Theron Soul
1838  Byron Densmore
1839 Moris B. Gage
1840-1843 Asa W. Leach
1844  Orman Spencer
1845-1848 Asa W. Leach
1849  Warren Mudge
1850 Asa W. Leach
1851 Whitman Benham
1852 Edwin Buss
1853-1854 Jermiah Avery
1855 Belores Bliss
1856 Henry Higgins
1857-1862 Caleb Johnson
1863-1865 Gilam Barnett
1866 James Griswold
1867 William Higgins
1868-1871 John Simkins
1872 William Spicer
1873-1874 Sherrill Sanford
1875-1879 Abner Hinman
1880-1881 Sherrill Sanford
1882 John Simkins
1883-1885 Philip Woodcook
1886 John O’Brien
1887-1898 E.J. Fuller
1899-1902 H.J. Merrill
1903-1910 Abner Hinman
1911-1914 Fred Mulford
1915-1922 Joseph Wright
1923-1937 Marshall Russell
1938-1951 Floyd Cater
1952-1961 Fayuna Jurhs
1962-1977 Marion Tomaschke
1978-1981 Sheryl Vick
1982-1997 JoAnn Herman
1998-2006 Nadine P. Hanlon
2006-2007 Cynthia Kruger
2007-Present Amy Richardson

Local Dog Laws

Please make sure your dog is licensed.


WHAT DOGS MUST BE LICENSED?: Per Article 7 of the Agriculture and Markets Law

EVERY DOG owned or harbored in New York State for longer than 30 days must be licensed. The following are the only exemptions:

Dogs under four months of age.
Dogs harbored in NYC these dogs must be licensed by the NYC Department of Health)
If a non-resident brings a dog into New York State for less than 30 days and the dog is licensed according to the resident states licensing laws
Dogs confined to the premises of any public or private hospital, research institution or a Class A Dealer with a certificate of exemption from the Commissioner.

Apply for a dog license at your local licensing agent. If you live in the Town of Kendall limits please apply at the Kendall Town Clerks office at 1873 Kendall Road, Kendall, NY 14476.
For guide dogs, war dogs, hearing dogs, police work dogs or service dogs, satisfactory proof is required, such as a training certificate, etc. for licenses.
If the dog is spayed or neutered a certificate from a licensed veterinarian or an affidavit from the owner showing that the dog has been spayed or neutered, unless this proof is already on file with the clerk.
All dogs three months or older must have proof of a rabies vaccination signed by a licensed veterinarian or a certificate stating why the life of the dog would be endangered by the vaccine.
After the application and appropriate certifications are filed and the license fee had been paid, the license will be validated for one year. Each dog is assigned a permanent official identification (ID) number and issued a metal ID tag which is to be attached to the dogs collar. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE AFTER A LICENSE HAS BEEN VALIDATED. This assigned ID number is valid for the life of your dog.


In the Town of Kendall

Spayed or Neutered Dog – $7.00
Unspayed or Unneutered Dog – $15.00*

(*$3.00 of this fee is used to fund the Animal Population Control Program)

For Guide, War, Hearing, Police Work or Service dogs: NO FEE


Replacement tags can be ordered through the Kendall Town Clerk. You may visit the office or mail in your fee with the license number and quantity you wish to replace.

Cost for replacement: $2.00 per license tag.


Call the Orleans County Animal Control Officer Kathy Smith 589-5527

You may also want to contact the Kendall Town Clerk should anyone call with lost or found information. 659-8721


If dogs injure or kill livestock, the local assessor should be notified immediately. DO NOT DESTROY or bury the animals. They must be available for examination so the assessor can appraise the damage.


The Town of Kendall contracts with the Orleans County Legislature to have Dog Control and Shelter Services with the Orleans County Sheriffs Department’s Animal Control Officer. You can contact Kathy Smith, Orleans County Animal Control Officer through the Sheriffs Dispatch number 589-5527.

For information on hunting license please visit the DEC website.

General Information:

Hunting License Year: October 1 through September 30

Sales Year: Mid August through October 1 – DMP Availability

2nd Round DMP: November 1 – First Come First Served

Licensing Materials Distributed: Application/License, Guides.

The Big Three Issuing Criteria:

Fishing- No training required
Everything else requires training:

Hunting: small game, big game, muzzle loading requires a previous hunting license or hunter education certificate.
Trapping: trapping or junior trapping requires a previous trapping license or trapper education course.
Bow hunting: Bow hunting or junior archery requires both hunting and bow hunting training.
MINORS: must purchase adult licenses when they reach age 16
Minors may fish without a license until age 16
Minors may NOT hunt without a license eligible for junior licenses beginning at age 12 if trained.
Junior Hunting ages 12-15
Junior Archery ages 14-15
Minors may NOT trap without a license eligible for junior trapping license at any age upon successful completion of trapper training course.
SENIORS: become eligible for reduced fee licenses at age 70 one senior stamp
If eligible to hunt, becomes a sportsman license.
If not eligible to hunt becomes a fishing license.
All other privileges cost full price and require regular stamps.

NYS DEC Regional Office for Town of Kendall, Orleans County:
6274 East Avon-Lima Road
Avon, NY 14414-9519

Application and Information for Lifetime Licenses available at the Kendall Town Clerk’s Office.


DO look again in your home

DO contact a licensing agent to find out if a record of that sale was kept.

For additional questions call the Kendall Town Hall or the DEC at 518-457-3521.
Course Certificates for Hunter Education, Bowhunter Education or Trapper Education

CALL the DEC Sportsman Education office toll free 1-888-HUNT-ED2

Give your name and birth date. DEC has records of courses after 1980.

OR, for recent courses and courses before 1980, contact your hunter/bowhunter/trapper education instructors to see if they have a records of your course.

If you don’t have a license or a certificate, you must take a required course.

Call toll-free 1-888-HUNT-ED2. (1-888-486-8332)


Teach one of these courses:
Hunter Education
Bowhunter Education
Trapper Education
Waterfowl ID.


Your obligations:

Complete free instructor training, including apprenticeship with experienced instructors.

Teach at least one course per year

Attend a refresher course every two years.

Be a better communicator, better hunter, and know you make a difference.

Toll Free 1-888-HUNT-ED2