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Update March 2024

At this time, the town of Kendall has received by unanimous vote by the REDI Commission, additional funding. This is excellent news as we proceed with the first sewer district in the town!

Update November 2023

Significant milestones have been achieved.  Here is a summary of our progress:

  • Design Document Submission:
    Completed and submitted 60% design documents to REDI commission and New York State DEC
  • Archaeological Investigation:
    Successfully completed archaeological field investigation.
    Submitted Phase 1B Report to and received concurrence from New York State Historic Preservation Office.
  • Wetland Delineation and Approvals:
    Finished wetland delineation process.
    Submitted Joint application package to USACE, NYSDEC, NYSDOS, and NYSOGS for approval.
  • Grant Applications & Funding:
    Submitted grant applications to EFC for a WIIA (Water Infrastructure Improvement Act) and IMG (Intended Use Plan).
    Coordinated with DASNY to reallocate surplus REDI funding from other projects to the Kendall Wastewater project.
  • Ongoing Coordination:
    Maintained active coordination with key agencies, including Monroe County Department of Transportation and Monroe County Department of Environmental Services.
  • Upcoming Activities:
    Anticipate commencing geotechnical field investigation the week of November 27, 2023.
    Submission final SEQR documents and supplemental information to SHPO for receipt of no affect letter
    Completion of Grant Disbursement Agreement with NYS REDI Commission.

We appreciate the collaborative efforts of everyone involved and remain dedicated to achieving the project’s objectives. Further updates will be provided as the project continues to progress.

Best Regards,
Jason R Ebbs, PE
LaBella Associates | Municipal Group Leader

Update June 2023

Please see the attached notice for current update on the Wastewater project from LaBella & Associates.

Update 1-12-2023

Consultants from LaBella Architecture have spoken with their survey sub-consultant this morning, and they’re making good progress and are still aiming to have a final map and CAD file to us by mid-February. 

It is a 15 mile project and requires quite a bit of field work, mapping, and QA / QC on their end. 

The lack of snow is helping to expedite their progress though.

They are continuing to progress the design as much as possible, and ensure we have the right design personnel available as soon as we receive the survey.

LaBella has coordinated with geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, and the archaeologist to ensure they’re ready to begin field work later this spring.


Update 9-26-2022 Please see this attached flyer for a letter from our Town Supervisor with updates regarding the Watershed Sewer Project.

Update 9/09/22

The application for grant and loan funding was submitted on September 8,2022.  The deadline for applying for the grant and loan is September 9,2022.  We have received acknowledgement they have receive our application.  Now we have to wait for  60-90 days to know  the status of two awards.

Senator Ortt has sent a letter to show his support of our project to EFC, as well.

Kindest regards, Tony Cammarata

Update 8/18/22

Here is the latest on Sewer District #1:
Towns of Hamlin and Kendall have formed their respective sewer districts.
Monroe County has given us  approval for us to use  their treatment facility on Manitou Road in Greece.
This was a major accomplishment!!
Application for funding from N.Y.State is next.
Application needs to be submitted to them by September 9th. Once application is received by them. We have to wait for their answer which could be in January, 2023.
Hopefully sooner.
In the mean time we go for additional approvals from various state and or county departments.

We are making progress but many approvals are needed in making this project come to fruition.

On March 30, 2022, a Public Hearing was held to discuss the Sewer Project (REDI Wastewater Infrastructure (Asset NO 62) ). Click here for some FAQ about this Low-Pressure Sanitary Sewer System.

Update October 2021

Supply chain shortages has increased the costs of materials for this project. We will be looking for additional grant funding to ensure the costs for residents are manageable.
In addition, we have approval in kind to use  Monroe County’s waste water facility.

July 2021 Wastewater Treatment in Kendall State funding under the Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) will cover 95 percent of the costs of connecting homes to a wastewater system in order to solve septic issues for lakeside residents by connecting them to a sanitary sewer and conveying wastewater to a treatment facility. Discussion of this project began following the flooding of 2017 along the lakeshores of Kendall/Hamlin. This project is proposed to disconnect homes from the septic systems and connect them to a wastewater system. A privately owned facility (located at Troutburg in the Town of Kendall) will be turned over to the Town of Kendall, and approximately 125 residences in the towns of Hamlin and Kendall will be connected to the facility. The project will solve the problems for lakeside residences with septic issues west of West Kendall Drive, including along Lomond Shore West, Edrose Shore, Knapp Shore, Thompson Drive, and near Lakeland Beach Road and Bald Eagle Drive in the Town of Kendall, plus residences near Beachwood Park Road in the Town of Hamlin. This project will connect these areas to a sanitary sewer and convey wastewater to a treatment facility. This sewer project is the single largest project the Town of Kendall has ever undertaken and there are many entities involved in this project with many approvals needed. At present, the Town Board is waiting for Monroe County to send us an agreement to use their treatment facility. Once received and if we concur, then the Monroe County Legislature will need to approve it as well. The Town Board will then have a public hearing to address questions and provide valuable information. This will be some time in the fall depending on when we can move forward with Monroe County. As the project moves forward, the Town will continue to update the public on this website.