Map of existing water mains and their size:

Water map

Water Update 12/2023

The Town Board has been working diligently to bring public water to the residents of Kendall. At this time, an income survey was mailed to homes that do not have public water. This survey is confidential. Please mail the survey back in the enclosed envelope you received in the mail. This survey will provide the Town Board the opportunity to apply for grants and low cost loans from USDA Rural Development for  public water.

If you did not complete the survey, G & G contractors will be going door to door to canvass the area as soon as next weekend in order to collect as much participation as possible.

Water Update 3/22/23
The Town Board has been working diligently to bring public water to the residents of Kendall. To date, there are 10 water districts with West Kendall Rd. being district 10. The Town Board has successfully worked with USDA Rural Development to obtain grants and low cost loans for previous development of the water lines.

At this time, the USDA Rural Development is reluctant to continue to accept personal income surveys to qualify for grants and low cost loans. They are currently looking at the median household incomes from the 2020 census and the Town Board has yet to be informed whether or not we will qualify for the grants and loans we previously could apply for. Unfortunately, there are few avenues for funding for a small rural town such as ours.

The Town Board has sent letters to federal and state representatives asking them to help us find funding for public water.

Click this link to read an article in the Orleans Hub regarding this current situation.

Click here for info on how YOU can participate in a grassroots effort to reach out to representatives and get your neighbors to help!


Water Update 9/20/21

In order to obtain funding, you need to obtain approval from USDA.

The main criteria they want is the income of those residents who will be in the new water district. Income surveys are a very difficult process as you may guess. Residents have been reluctant to provide that information even though it is conducted by an outside source not the town.

Thus, we are waiting for the 2020 census results which will determine if income surveys are still needed. If they are needed, we will go without income surveys using traditional bank funding, using American Rescue Plan Dollars to help lower the costs, versus USDA funding.

We should know where we stand soon.

Please be patient.

This is a very long process with many government agencies needed to approve.


Water Update 10/18/20

Water District #8 (Kendall Rd.)- The new water main installed for Kendall Water District #8 is now in service and ready to provide water to your home or business.

1.        Things you need to do with your well before we activate your service.  A meter jumper/spacer is available for your use in reconfiguring your plumbing.  After your portion of the water service is connected at the property line, contact us to schedule the well inspection, meter installation and water turn on.

2.        Keep using the well until the morning of the appointment. That morning, at a minimum, you will need to cut & cap the well plumbing inside the building.  Decommissioning the well entirely is more efficient but not always possible due to weather conditions.  Make certain that, by 12:00 noon of the scheduled day, the well plumbing is physically separated from the new plumbing.  We will then install the meter, inspect the well system modifications, and turn the water on.  If the well is not totally decommissioned, you have 30 days to complete it.

3.        If you are choosing to keep the well active after the public water is turn on, we must have the Access Easement or Backflow requirements met before the meter is installed.  Incomplete requirements for keeping the well active could result in delays in public water activation or discontinuation of service.

4.        Suggestion: Fill a few jugs with water before disconnecting the well.  They will help get you through the 2-4 hour transition period.

5.        We will refund the deposit to the most current property owner after the inspection is deemed complete.  Please keep this in mind if you plan to sell the property before activating the public water supply. The refund will go to the new owner.

Questions? Contact either Virginia Smith at (585)442-2001 x229 or
or Mary Johns at (585)442-2001 x407 or
Virginia Smith
New Services/Restorations
Monroe County Water Authority
475 Norris Drive
Rochester  NY   14610
Phone: 585-442-2001 x229
Fax: 585-442-6765


Water Update 7/16/20

Water District #8 (Kendall Rd.)- As part of The Town of Kendall’s Water District No. 8 project, a new water main is being constructed along Kendall and Creek Road.

Property owners within Water District No. 8 wishing to connect to the water main must complete the service signup packet provided by the Monroe County Water Authority, installation of the private side water service (from the House to the Right of Way), and submit all required connection fees in full by July 31, 2020. Payments and service signup packets received after July 31, 2020 will result in additional fees and will require additional work for the property owner.

Once the MCWA receives the completed signup packet and payment, property owners will be provided a stake to locate where they would like the curb stop / water service to be placed along the Right of Way. Property owners must have their private water service installed approximately ten (10) feet beyond that the proposed curb stop location prior to July 31, 2020 in order for Kendall’s Contractor to connect the water main to the private water service.

Property owners are responsible for all costs associated with the private side installation of their water service (from the House to the Right of Way), internal plumping changes, and private well disconnection.  All modifications to private wells must be performed in accordance with New York State Department of Health and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation requirements.

If you have questions regarding the signup packet or water service installation contact Virginia Smith at MCWA at (585) 442-2001 ext. 229. The MCWA service signup packet provides additional information about water services and outlines what property owners are responsible for.

LaBella Associates is the Town’s engineering consultant for the project. If you have any questions or concerns, the Resident Inspector, Tom Guerin may be contacted in the field or at (585) 729-9075.

Water Update 6/25/20

Water District #8 (Kendall Rd.)- A construction meeting was held via Skype on Thursday June 18, 2020 between the Town, engineer, contractor and USDA Rural Development to discuss progress made on the project since ground has been broken. Click here for details regarding that meeting and here for photos of the project.


Water Update 5/29/20

Water District #8 (Kendall Rd.) – A pre-construction meeting was held Tuesday May 26, 2020 between the Town, engineer, contractor and USDA Rural Development. The installation of the water line is scheduled to begin on or about June 8, 2020.

Monroe County Water Authority should be sending out service signup packets to Water District #8 residents informing them of hook-up procedures, deposits required and what needs to be done with existing wells.

Utilities should be contacted before any digging is done to run the water line to your dwelling.

Water Update 1/11/20

Water District # 8 (Kendall Road) after several delays is on back on track.  Bids for installing the water lines have been advertised in the Hamlin Herald and the closing date for those bids is January 24, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Once the contractor is chosen by the Town Board and weather permits, installation of the water line will begin.

Water District #10 (West Kendall Road) The Town has secured funding from USDA Rural Development for the installation of water lines for public water. Easements have to be signed and then USDA will have to give the Town the okay to go out for bid.  The Town is hoping for completion in 2020.

Water District #11– would encompass all the streets in Kendall that still need and want public water.

The Town is waiting to find out what the median household income reported on the 2015 census was. If that figure qualifies for grant money from USDA Rural Development, individual household incomes would not be necessary speeding up the overall process.

Water Update 11/5/2018

The water line is installed for Water District 9,
Creek Rd. Landscaping and water testing will be taking place.

The Town Board will be meeting with LaBella Associates to discuss how to move forward with the next steps in the pursuit of water for town roads and residents.

Water Update 8/12/2018

All piping for water is in the ground for Water District #7, Norway Rd. The water line has been pressure tested. Disinfection and water samples will be going to the lab for testing and await approvals from the Health Department and Monroe County Water Authority. Drilling will begin for the residents on the far side of the line along with clean up and restoring of ditches, yards, driveways and the roadside in the coming weeks.

Advertisements for bids for Water District #9, Creek Rd. for materials and construction have been published. Funding has been received and construction will be able to begin as soon as the selected contractor can begin the installation.

Funding for Water District #8, Kendall Rd. has been secured for installation in 2019.

Water District #10 has been formed for West Kendall Rd. the Town Board is working with USDA Rural Development for funding. Installation of the water line is tentatively scheduled for 2020.

Water Update 6/26/18

Water District #7: USDA approves construction. Start date is scheduled for July 9th.


Water Update 11/28/17

Water District #7 Norway Road has obtained all the funding and permits to allow construction to proceed in May 2018.

                      The DEC permit only allows the crossing of the creek after May 31st which is why construction can not proceed any earlier.

                      The Tentative construction schedule for Water District #7 is below:

                       – per DEC permit cross creek after May31st

                       – Start construction on or about       May14th

                       – Cross Creek                                  June 4th

                       – Finish Main installation                  June 11th

                       – Water-up and pressure check       June 18th

                       – Disinfect, sample and test             June 25th


Water update 6/15/17

Water Districts #7, 8, & 9 have been formally established. Grant and bond funding has been obtained for both Water Districts #7 and 9.

Advertising for bids for the construction of the waterline for Water District # 7, Norway Road, will be going out in the near future and construction should begin in September.

 Water District #8 is still waiting for grant funding from USDA Rural Development. 


Water update 1/7/17

The Town Supervisor received a commitment letter from USDA Rural Development December 29,2016 for grant money and a loan at a 1.375% interest rate for public water for Water District #7, Norway Rd. The timeline for installation of the water line on Norway Rd. is on tract to start this spring.

The Town Supervisor has also secured a $150,000 SAMS grant for public water on Creek Rd.(Water District#9). This water line will connect Water District #7, Norway Rd. to Water District #8, Creek/Kendall Rds. This connection will complete a loop of public water.

The Town Board is still waiting for grant funding to be secured for Water District #8. The next application to be submitted to USDA Rural Development will be for a grant for public water serving West Kendall Rd.

Water Update 04/06/2016

The Town’s engineering firm LaBella Associates has submitted to USDA Rural Development preliminary applications for both Norway Road and Kendall/Creek Roads. The Town is waiting for a reply from Rural Development for the next step in the process to obtain the grants for water. If all goes according to the timetable set up by Labella, ground-breaking would begin in May of 2017.

Water Update 12/16/2015

The Town Board continues to navigate through the governmental process to apply for grant money from USDA Rural Development for new water districts for Norway and Kendall/Creek Roads.

Well surveys have been completed for the proposed water districts and a letter composed by LaBella Associates to USDA Rural Development outlined  the need for public water on those roads because of bacterial and chemical issues with the wells that were tested.

LaBella Associates has asked the Highway Superintendent to dig test holes on Norway and Kendall Roads. The results of the test holes will help to determine the ease or difficulty in digging trenches for the new water lines.

West Kendall Road residents are currently having their wells tested. Results will be forwarded to USDA Rural Development.

Surveys were mailed on August 6th.

The Town Board has been working very diligently with LaBella Engineering Associates exploring where the next water district(s) could be established. After much research and discussion, it was determined that portions of Norway, Kendall, and Creek roads would be the best roads to start with. Income surveys were sent out to these roads. LaBella Associates determined from the results of these surveys that portions of Norway Rd. Kendall Road and Creek Road would be eligible to apply for grants from USDA Rural Development and they have submitted the survey results to USDA Rural Development for consideration and acceptance for two proposed water districts. One district would be portions of Norway Rd. and the other district would be portions of Kendall Rd. and portions of Creek Rd.
West Kendall Road has also provided income surveys to LaBella Associates and we anticipate favorable acceptance of these surveys by Rural Development too.
USDA Rural Developments grant limitations will determine when and where the next water districts can be established.
The Town Board continues to focus on obtaining public water to Kendall residents who want and need water.

Forms & Information: Petition for a Water Line Copy of the Town Boards Reply Letter to Transit, Center and Lakeshore Roads Water Line Petition2013 Water Survey for Potential New Water Districts Data from 2013 Water Surveys (Based on the returns as of 09.12.13 totaling 91% of letters sent) 2013 Water Survey Second Request for information. Survey Information is now being analyzed by the Town Engineer and Grant writer. Hope to have information back at the end of November.