Town historians are appointed by law for municipalities throughout New York State. The role of the Historian is to collect, preserve, and disseminate the history of the town. They assist in researching official town records related to the history of the town and to educate the public about them. Historians call to the attention of the local authorities and the county and state historian any material of local historic value, which should be acquired for preservation. The historian makes an annual report to the appointing officers about the work accomplished during the preceding year. Then annual reports go to the County Historian’s and to the State Historians office, with who they cooperate with. The Historian will help to organize and commemorate historical anniversaries and participate in other civic and patriotic observations. The office is both an advocate for historic preservation and a resource to the appointing authority on questions relating to history and preservation.

We would like to encourage anyone who may be “sorting their collections” to consider donating (or she can copy) them to the Town’s historical collection. If you are uncertain what to do with items or have other historical questions, please feel free to contact the Historian anytime. We also do historical or genealogical research for individuals.

** The Town of Kendall is seeking letters of interest from Town of Kendall residents interested in a position as Town Historian.

Please direct all correspondence and inquires, on or before July 31, 2018, to Amy Richardson, Kendall Town Clerk, P.O. Box 474, Kendall, NY 14476, e-mail or hand deliver to the Kendall Town Clerk at 1873 Kendall Rd, Kendall, NY during normal business hours.

The Town Supervisor reserves the right to accept or reject any or all candidates.


Firsts in the Town of Kendall

Settler: 1812 – Samuel Bates
Child: 1816 – Bartlett Morse
Death: 1816 – George Balcomb
Marriage: 1817 – Esther Bates to James Aikon
School: 1819 – lot 123, south of 4 corners East Kendall
Teacher: Gurdon Balcomb
Sawmill: 1819 – Ammon Auger – Ebenezer Boyden
Library: 1822 – Amos Randall – books purchased by selling shares ($2.00) and by contributions
Building: 1821 – double log cabin on southwest corner of village square – built by Reuben Roblee – Lyman Spicer
School in Kendall: 1823 – in 1/2 of double log cabin
Teacher (in above school): Anna Auger
Grist mill: 1824 – Ose Webster
Frame school: 1824 – on northwest corner of village
Tavern: 1824-1825 – the double log cabin plus an addition
Norwegian: 1825 – Cleng Peerson
Norwegian settlement: property on the end of Norway Rd. – west side
Blacksmith: 1825-1826 – William Bassett
Canal system: 1825 – completion date – Erie Canal
Store: 1832 – Lewis Peet
Mail Route: 1835 – Sandy Creek to North Murray
Post Office: Kendall in honor of Amos Kendall – post master general of U.S.
Postmaster: S. Kinney – William Bassett carried the mail once a week by horse or on foot
Formation of the Town: 1837 – Merchants Webster and Peasley secured passage of an act in State Legislature – providing for the formation of the town – separating from Murray – 19,994 acres.
Officers: 1837 – Supervisor – Alanson Whitney
Town Clerk: Theron Soule
Doctor: 1836 – Dr. Walter Sanford and Theophilus Randall
Church: 1834 – Baptists/Congregationalists located northwest corner – school removed
Lodge: 1848 – Sons of Temperance
Sidewalks/Streetlights: by Village Improvement Society
Railroad: 1875 – Rome-Watertown-Ogdensburg
100th Anniversary: 1912 – Village Improvement Society – parade, ball game, drama, dance, 8,000-10,000 people attended, receipts $1,045, expenses $645
Town fire: 1901 – leaving only Merrill-Kidder Store on East Avenue – 2nd fire: 1913, 3rd fire: 1914
Cold Storage: 1914 – fires in 1924 and 1926 destroyed railroad section destroying most of businesses: cooper shop, dry houses, vinegar and cider mill
Town Park: 1954 – 3.6 acres on Lakeshore from G. Forbes – $4,500 – end of Center Road
Dump: 1954 – 5.05 acres on Backus Road
Fire Company: 1912
Fire Chief: Frank Whitehouse
Fire Truck: 1913 – price $1,035
Fireman’s Ladies Auxiliary: 1949
Masonic Lodge: 1871 – “Stone (building) Jug” – only lodge to hold meetings on ground floor
Eastern Star: 1904
Town Historian: Mrs. Howard (Anna) Burt

Store: Major William Allis
Church: 1833 – (Hamlin side) Methodist/Episcopal

Grist mill: 1823 – Ose Webster
Saw mill: Ose Webster
Store: 1842 – Benjamin Copeland
Hotel: 1862 – Isaac Amsden
Church: 1869 – Methodist/Protestant

Hotel(?): 1860 – Ontario House and Aarge bowling alley and dance pavilion added.
Kendall side 1880 -Bush House (Cady house) – Morton side.


Clark’s Settlement: 1816 – on County Line Rd. – approximately 2 miles from lake (also noted as Morton)

Webster’s Mills: 1824 – now Kendall Mills
East Kendall – now Morton

North Murray: 1819 – 1837 – Kendall
Porter’s Corner’s: Intersection Sand and Center Roads
Cherry Avenue: East Avenue, Kenmor Road
Sand Road: Roosevelt Hwy/Route 18
Auger Road: Kendall Road
Backus Road: Woodchuck Alley
Kendall: West Kendall Road – Carr Road
Kendall: Morton Road – East/West Avenue, now Kenmor Road

Town Supervisor

1837 Alanson Whitney
1838 Joseph Mann
1839-41 Ryan Barber
1842 Henry Higgins
1843-44 Joseph Mann
1845-46 Levy Hard
1847-48 Abraham Odell
1849-50 William B. Bassett
1855 Alanson Whitney
1852 Reuben Roblee
1853-54 William B. Bassett
1855 Pierre A. Simkins
1856-59 Philo F. Prosser
1860-61 Marvin Harris
1862 Pierre A. Simkins
1863 William K. Townsend
1864-65 Nathaniel S. Bennett
1866 August W. Parnett
1867 Gideon Randall
1868-70 Oscar Munn
1871 William O. Hardenbrook
1872 Oscar Munn
1873-74 Levi Barrows
1875-76 Pierre A. Simkins
1877-78 William O. Hardenbrook
1879-80 Samuel Bates
1881-82 Pierre A. Simkins
1883-84 Irving E. Wellman
1885-86 Ira B. Bates
1887-88 Cornelius Fenner
1889-90 David L. Jones
1891 Irving E. Wellman
1892-93 Hirman Acker
1894-97 Charles A. Bridgeman
1898-1900 H. S. Burnett
1901-05 Frank Murphy
1906-10 Edwin M. Blake
1911 Charles Burt
1912-15 William Jenkins
1916-51 Raymond McDonald
1922 A. Hinman
1922-26 E. Harrington
1926-31 John Derrick
1932-49 Ole Orsland
1950-57 Jack Tucker
1958-67 Michael J. Paduchak
1968-69 Harold Passineau
1970-91 Michael J. Paduchak
1992-2005 John M. Becker
2006- 2007 William L. Vick
2008-2009 Jonathan Gillman

Town Clerk

1837 Theron Soul
1838 Byron Densmore
1839 Moris B. Gage
1840-1843 Asa W. Leach
1844 Orman Spencer
1845-1848 Asa W. Leach
1849 Warren Mudge
1850 Asa W. Leach
1851 Whitman Benham
1852 Edwin Buss
1853-154 Jermiah Avery
1855 Belores Bliss
1856 Henry Higgins
1857-1862 Caleb Johnson
1863-1865 Gilam Barnett
1866 James Griswold
1867 William Higgins
1868-1871 John Simkins
1872 William Spicer
1873-1874 Sherrill Sanford
1875-1879 Abner Hinman
1880-1881 Sherrill Sanford
1882 John Simkins
1883-1885 Philip Woodcook
1886 John O’Brien
1887-1898 E.J. Fuller
1899-1902 H.J. Merrill
1903-1910 Abner Hinman
1911-1914 Fred Mulford
1915-1922 Joseph Wright
1923-1937 Marshall Russell
1938-1951 Floyd Cater
1952-1961 Fayuna Jurhs
1962-1977 Marion Tomaschke
1978-1981 Sheryl Vick
1982-1997 JoAnn Herman
1998-2006 Nadine P. Hanlon
2007-  Amy Richardson