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Fee Schedule & Information Sheets:
Building permit fee schedule
Accessory structure building permit
Fence Information
Generator Information
Pool Information
Coastal erosion management permit
Kendall unified solar application permit

Call the Code enforcement Office to make application for a building permit.
Once approved you must bring the application to the Kendall Town Clerk's Office
and a Building Permit will be issued by the Town Clerk.

All houses must have address numbers according to the 911 emergency response numbering system.
Numbers shall be 5" high (Arabic numbers) their color shall be
in contrast to their background and be readily visible from the road. If the structure is more than 90 feet
from the road the numbers shall be placed on a post and be readily visible from the road.

All re-roofing projects - complete tear off needs to have permit and inspection by the
Code Enforcement Officer.
Please contact the Code Enforcement Office

According to NYS Building Code
All pools that contain more than 24 inches of water are required to have a building permit.
NOTICE: There are also setback and installation requirements.